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Rabbit Neutering

Rabbits reach sexual maturity between the ages of 3-8 months.

Sexually mature and un-neutered rabbits may show signs of:

  • Loss of good litter habits
  • Spraying urine
  • Aggressive lunging and biting
  • Destructive chewing
  • And more!!!

How can neutering help?

Having your rabbit neutered will not change those qualities you love best about your companion.

  • It can significantly reduce the likelihood of female rabbits (doe) developing ovarian cancer. 80% of un-neutered doe’s develop ovarian cancer by 3 years of age.
  • It will eliminate the likelihood of male rabbits (buck) developing testicular tumours.
  • Helps to improve anti-social behaviour.
  • Entire rabbits generally live on average 3-6 years. The average neutered house rabbit can reach 8-10 years or more. The record is 18 years!!
  • Different sexes can live together (if needed) without the concern of unwanted litters.

Neutering will not make you rabbit ‘fat and lazy’. Lack of exercise, incorrect feeding and boredom will do that!

For information on how to keep your rabbit healthy and happy, please call to book to see one of our nurses for a healthy hopper consultation.

Male and female rabbits can be neutered from 5 months of age. We would recommend they be examined by a Veterinary Surgeon prior to surgery to ensure they are suitably mature.

Please contact the surgery for further information.