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Our Services

Our Services

We offer dedicated companion animal veterinary care, in modern purpose built premises in Rustington village centre next door to the library and Tourist Information Centre. We strive to promote responsible pet ownership and to provide continued veterinary involvement throughout your pet’s life. We believe in placing strong emphasis on preventive health care for pets and our extensive range of healthcare facilities and services, allows us to speedily diagnose and treat illnesses and problems, thus maintaining your pet’s well-being and happiness. Our primary goal is to provide the highest quality of veterinary care.


Surgery and Anaesthesia
We have a dedicated surgical theatre suite where our trained nurses follow the most up to date anaesthetic protocols and standards of operative care. Every anaesthetised patient is constantly monitored both electreonically and manually during surgery to ensure their safety and to minimise anaesthetic risk.

Hospitalisation and Intensive Care
Our self-contained recovery area allows nurses to monitor inpatients and post operative recovery of pets, in a clean, warm and peaceful environment.

Laboratory Facilities
Our automated biochemistry and haematology analysers, provide rapid blood test results for both diagnostic and routine health care purposes. This enables us to have on the spot answers to medical problems and for pre operative health screening of patients under going surgery.

Dental Suite
Our dental facilities enable us to perform both routine dental prophylaxis, such as ultrasonic scaling and polishing, and more complex dental surgeries including surgical tooth root extractions and oral surgeries.

Our on site X-Ray facilities and automatic processor gives us access to high quality diagnostic pictures, for both soft tissue emergencies such as foreign body investigations and orthopaedic procedures including lameness work ups and fracture repairs.

Other Services

  • Accident and Emergency Care
  • House Calls and Home Visits
  • Preventative Care and Advice
  • ID Chipping
  • Pet Travel Advise and Documentation
  • Insurance Advice
  • Prescription medications and Diets
  • The Last Service

Nurse Consultations
We offer a range of complimentary nurse consultations that may be booked for advice on nutrition, dental care, weight control, geriatric care and puppy and kitten health.

24 Hour Emergency Service
We offer a local out of hours emergency service 24hrs a day every day of the year. Our advanced computer system, enables us to access all your registered pets records, allowing us to immediately view your pets current health status and ongoing therapies.

Practice Standards
PetCare Veterinary Clinic has been certified to Practice Standard level, Tier Two, which gives an indication of the range and standard of surgical, medical and nursing facilities that we can provide for you and your pets. As an accredited practice we have volunteered to undergo a four yearly rigorous inspection and we must meet the criteria required. Between inspections we have to certify, annually, that we continue to meet the necessary standards. We may be subject to spot checks.

These inspections aim to promote and maintain the highest standards of veterinary care.

The RCVS accredited practice logo should be looked for when choosing a practice to indicates that the practice has passed this Royal Veterinary College independent inspection. This guarantees more informed choice, high standards of care for pets, and peace of mind for pet owners.

RCVS - Look for the logo

We are never too busy to listen to your comments or suggestions to improve our service to you our valued clients.