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by admin on November 17th, 2016

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Rossi's StoryRossi the seven year old British Shorthair cat came into Petcare back in early September with difficulty passing urine. On examination, it became clear that his bladder was completely blocked. This is an emergency situation with male cats as their bladders can eventually rupture and cause them to go into renal failure.

Rossi was admitted to the surgery and sedated so a catheter could be passed to allow him to urinate. The cause for his blockage appeared to be urinary crystals which can form into larger stones in the bladder – radiographs revealed that he had several of these uroliths (stones) causing the problem. Depending on what type of urinary crystals make up the stones, they can sometimes be dissolved with a particular type of prescription diet. Unfortunately, not all types can. A sample was taken and sent off to the lab for analysis. In the meantime, a catheter was sutured into place so Rossi could pass urine into a collection bag.

Over the next few days, Rossi stayed at PetCare and was given only urinary diet food to eat. He was passing urine, but his lab analysis results came back informing us that he had calcium oxalate crystals present in his bladder which are not the type of crystals that can be dissolved with diet, meaning he would need a procedure to surgically remove them.

He was placed on an intravenous drip and given a general anaesthetic before being taken into theatre for surgery. An incision was made into the middle of his abdomen and then his bladder to remove several little stones. The vet flushed his bladder with sterile saline to ensure there weren’t any left behind, as they were difficult to remove manually. Once finished, Rossi was taken back to his kennel to recover and be closely monitored.

Rossi continued to do well over the rest of the day and was ready to be discharged that afternoon. Thankfully, he has gone on to make a full recovery and is enjoying life at home with his other two feline friends!

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