Rising concerns over Alabama rot

by admin on February 11th, 2016

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Alabama rot, also known as Cutaneous and renal glomerular vasculopathy (CRGV)  is a disease caused by damage to blood vessels of the skin and kidney. It causes tiny blood clots to form in the blood vessels, which blocks them and can ultimately lead to damage of the affected tissue, causing ulceration. However, in the kidney, it can lead to kidney failure.

The cause at this time remains unknown but investigations are extensive.

Unfortunately, as the cause is currently unknown, it is very difficult to give specific advice about prevention. You may wish to consider bathing any area of your dog if they become wet or muddy on a walk; however, at this stage it is unknown if this is necessary or of any benefit.

Cases have been reported across many different counties across the UK and the general advise given by specialists has been not to avoid any particular location.  An environmental cause of the disease is considered possible, but it has yet to be proven.

Unexplained redness, sores or swelling of the skin (particularly on the paws or legs, but also the body, face, tongue or mouth) are often the first sign of this disease. It is important to remember that most of the time a skin problem will NOT be caused by  CRGV, however,  the lesions in CRGV can be difficult to distinguish from cuts, wounds, stings or bites, so it is worth being vigilant. If you are worried or in doubt about any unexplained skin issue, then it is better to seek veterinary advice.

Many dogs with skin changes caused by CRGV, will not develop kidney problems and will recover fully.

THE KEY MESSAGE FROM SPECIALISTS : although CRGV can be very serious, the number of dogs affected with skin lesions and kidney failure remains low.

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