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by admin on December 4th, 2015

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Louie's Story....Louie came to the surgery back in May after running in the park and injuring one of his back legs. He was very lame and would not bear any weight on it. After a few days of rest and pain relief, he still wasn’t any better, so the decision was made to x-ray the leg. The radiographs showed he had luxated his tarsal bone (equivalent of the ankle) and that was the source of his discomfort. This is quite an uncommon injury, so advice was sought from an orthopaedic specialist as to what the best treatment would be.


It was decided, after referral to an orthopaedic centre, that Louie should have surgery to repair the tarsus. This involved replacing the bones back in the right position and then securing them in place with pins and an external fixator, which would then need to be kept in for six weeks.


Louie was incredibly brave throughout this whole time, but there were some post-operative complications with infection occurring around the pins in his leg. This meant him coming in regularly for wound management and dressing changes, but he was very obliging for every visit. Swabs were taken from the wounds during this time to help decide which antibiotic was best to treat the infection, as certain bacteria are more resistant than others.


His pins were finally removed in August at the orthopaedic centre and, thankfully, Louie has healed well and is continuing to recover at home.

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