Minnie’s Story

by admin on October 22nd, 2014

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minnie's Story

Lovely Minnie the grey-hooded rat was brought in to see us in August with a rapidly growing lump on her tummy, which was likely to be a tumour. Pet rats are unfortunately prone to lumps and, due to their fast metabolism, they do tend to increase in size rather quickly. It was decided to book Minnie in to have the lump removed, as she was well in herself apart from the odd episode of sneezing.

She came in a few days later for her operation and was given a general anaesthetic. Once asleep, the lump was prepped for surgery. Being such a big lump, there was a risk that it may be too large to remove all of it safely, but her owner was aware of this possibility and was realistic that the surgery may not be curative. Thankfully, Mr Smith was able to remove the entire mass from Minnie’s tummy and the wound was sutured closed. She had been stable throughout her anaesthetic and came round smoothly.

The problem now was keeping Minnie from chewing her stitches! Being right under her nose, it was too tempting for her to try and nibble on them. The nurses tried to fashion a small plastic collar for her to keep her from getting to them but, unfortunately, this didn’t stay on for very long. In the end, the only deterrent was distracting her with food and talking to her.

Minnie went home later that day and has gone on to make a full recovery with her owner’s TLC!

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