Springtime Safety for pet owners

by admin on April 30th, 2014

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Springtime Safety Tips For Pet Owners



Spring time is upon us and bright sunny days mean that owners are out and about with their pets more -as a result they can be more at risk from accidents and illnesses.


Spring Plants and Flowers

Watch out for poisonous plants. Species common at this time of year include lilies, daffodils, spring bulbs and azaleas. If you notice any signs of poisoning such as excessive salivation, vomiting, diarrhoea, appearing ‘drunk’ or even collapsing – contact us immediately.



The Garden

Pets love spending time in the garden so make sure your garden is safe. Take care if you use pellets, pesticides or other chemicals. Slug and snail pellets (Metaldehyde) is a common poison we see in dogs, and only small amounts of pellets can cause significant poisoning.


Wasp and Bee stings

If you think your pet may have been stung, it is best to seek veterinary attention at the earliest convenience. If your pet is stung in or near the mouth or neck, this could be considered an emergency. Some pets can be allergic to stings, resulting is possible swellings, distress and breathing difficulties.



To keep those bugs at bay, ensure your pets are kept up to date with their vaccinations and preventative healthcare treatments.



Just like people, dogs and cats can develop allergies. Allergic signs in pets normally appear as itchy skin, ear problems, accompanied by hair loss or inflamed skin. Some pets may even change their behaviour due to increased irritation. Some can suffer from respiratory irritation and /or runny eyes.



Summer Parties

Be aware of how human foods can affect your pets, and make sure your guests know the rules too; ensure party food is kept out of paws reach!. If you are having BBQ’s, make sure pets are kept at a safe distance. Kebab skewers, alcohol, corn on the cob and bones, to name a few, are particularly dangerous BBQ hazards for pets.


If you are letting your dog off the lead, make sure you are in a safe environment. Ensure your dog is well-trained (especially the recall, wait and stop commands), under control and insight at all times.

Ensure your dog is wearing a collar and identification and is micro-chipped. Even the best trained dogs can get spooked and run off. If your pet is properly identified this will ensure you are reunited with your pet faster should you become separated.

Be careful not to overdo it. Increase the length of your walks gradually and build your pets fitness gradually. Avoid exercising in the heat of the day and ensure your pet has access to shade and plenty of fresh water. Avoid heat stroke and know the signs.

Ensure your pets toys are safe to play with, we still see far too many stick injuries in our dogs, so throwing sticks should be avoided. A safe alternative are SafeStix.

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We wish you and your pets a safe and happy summer.




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