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by admin on April 16th, 2013

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7 month old Kai the male oriental cat was brought down to PetCare as an emergency after his owner noticed he was extremely lame on one of his hind legs.

On examination, it was clearly swollen and Mr Smith suspected he had fractured it….

Kai was admitted to the practice and given a sedative so he was lying still enough to take some x-rays.


Unsurprisingly, the radiographs showed that he had fractured his tibia and fibula. It was a still a bit of a mystery how he had sustained such a severe injury as he was an indoor cat, but it was likely that it had happened during a play fight with his brother.

Mr Smith spoke to a referral orthopaedic vet to discuss treatment options for Kai and it was decided that pinning his leg surgically with an external fixator was likely to give the best outcome. He was booked in for the procedure at the referral centre for the next day and his leg was bandaged with a support dressing overnight.

His operation went well and he was cage confined for 6 weeks while his leg healed.

During his recovery period, he continued coming to us for dressing changes. As time went on, his dressing was able to be reduced from the whole leg to just around the external fixator. Despite being a young bouncy cat, he coped remarkably well with being cage rested for 6 weeks.

At the end of his healing period, he returned to the orthopaedic referral centre to have his leg re x-rayed so the surgeons could confirm whether the fracture had healed or not.

Thankfully, the leg had healed and his pins were finally able to be removed.

Kai is continuing to do well and we wish him and his family good health and the best of luck for the future!

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