Zelda’s Story

by admin on July 21st, 2017

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Zelda is a 3 year old German Shepherd that was rescued from Romania as a puppy. In early 2015 she was diagnosed as having cataracts in both eyes that may be a congenital disorder as three of her sisters also have the condition.

Zelda’s Story

In March 2016 it was discovered that Zelda had mild kidney problems when a blood test indicated elevated levels of Urea and Creatinine. She had intensive treatment of fluid therapy that she responded well to, however the cause of her kidney disease was never found. She continues to be monitored for this condition with supplements, medications, regular blood and urine tests and special diets to help support her kidney function.

In July 2016 Zelda presented with lameness. Radiographs were taken and it was discovered she has hip dysplasia affecting both hips. Joint supplements, controlled exercise and regular hydrotherapy help alleviate the symptoms and she has been coping very well.

In December 2016 Zelda presented with a swollen left ear. She was diagnosed with an aural haematoma; a blood filled pocket in her ear due to head shaking as a result of an ear infection. She underwent surgery to drain the haematoma and clean her ears with medicated drops to remove the infection. She recovered from this very well and the surgery was successful.

However, in July 2017, only 7 months after her last aural haematoma, Zelda’s right ear presented with a similar swelling. This was also diagnosed as another haematoma. She has been so brave and undergone surgery for a second time.

Zelda has been through so much in her 3 years since coming over from Romania. She is always brave and a lovely patient and the staff at PetCare are always happy to see her for treatment and cuddles.

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