Spring Fever?

by admin on February 24th, 2015

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spring feverAs the days become longer and warmer, the plants around us start emerging from their winter rest to reveal their hidden beauty. But to some pets this is more of a ‘siren’ than ‘splendour’, as pollens are one of the main triggers of allergic skin disease.
First to unveil are trees, with hazel and willow the early risers. Trees are followed closely by the spring flowers and weeds, and by late spring the grasses are pollinating too. This annual surge in pollens is linked with many seasonal allergies, and not only in humans! Many dogs and cats also suffer – but their symptoms differ somewhat. Whilst humans sneeze, exposure to these pollens can leave your pet itching and scratching.
So what can be done to alleviate these symptoms? First of all it is vital to identify exactly what is causing the problem, and the good news is that a small blood sample can tell us a lot! Knowing which pollen (allergen) is the culprit means it can be avoided or reduced. For example tree ‘culprits’ could be avoided by changing your walking route, and just keeping the lawn mown will prevent problematic grass pollens. However, it is difficult to avoid all pollens and treatment is often required.
There are several treatment options available.  So – if your pet is prone to itching it could be an allergy; come and see us for a check-up!

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