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JJ's Sory...JJ the Collie X will always be remembered by the staff here at PetCare for his bravery and gentle nature, and the trauma he had endured prior to being rehomed with the Brennans’. He had been locked in a garage for 5 years and starved and beaten, so bonding with people was understandably hard for him when he was finally rescued.


JJ was suffering from malnutrition and several other health problems when he was rescued.


jj bad 1He first came to see us back in 2009 with several health issues including sore and infected ears, alopecia, dermatitis, and increased thirst. He was diagnosed with demodectic mange and hypothyroidism and started on treatment. This involved special washes at the surgery on a weekly basis until the demodex mites were destroyed – they are particularly hard to get rid of as they live in deep burrows in the skin. As the mites disappeared, JJ’s fur began to slowly regrow.

JJ was extremely shy and anxious

jj goodIn 2010, he continued on tablet therapy for his hypothyroidism, but it was difficult to achieve the right dose for him and required close monitoring and regular blood samples to check his thyroid levels. With his condition, it became difficult to keep JJ’s weight steady, so his owners brought him in for weight watchers nurse clinics for advice and to start him on a prescription weight loss diet. This seemed to work, and JJ began to slowly decrease to a healthier size.

In 2011, we did not see JJ for a while as his owners moved out of the area, but at the end of the year they returned and we were pleased to see one of our favourite patients again. We continued to see JJ regularly to keep an eye on him and he was given a general anaesthetic in April to remove a lump from his stifle.

JJ looking a lot healthier with a beautiful glossy coat – he did so well, and so did his owners.

A chronic problem for JJ proved to be his ears. As he had likely been suffering with ear infections for a long time when he was rescued, there had been permanent damage and he had developed several polyps down his ear canals. He was started on anti-inflammatory pain killers and referred to Grove Lodge for their opinion on whether any of the polyps could be surgically removed. Unfortunately, it was decided that they were too deep into the ear canal and it would require major surgery to remove them. It would be too big an ordeal for JJ to go through, so they had to be managed medically.

Every now and then, his ear polyps would bleed and it was frustratingly hard to stop them. His owners became very efficient at applying dressings and ear bandages, which helped to apply pressure and cauterise the bleeding. He was kept on antibiotic ear drops, which helped to prevent infection and his owners cleaned them regularly to remove any wax.

Sadly by the beginning of this year, JJ’s ear polyps began to bleed more and more regularly. On some occasions this could be stopped by dribbling local anaesthetic onto them to stem the bleeding, but by April Mr Smith and his owners decided it wasn’t fair for JJ to carry on with his ear problems and made the very hard decision to say goodbye to him.

We will never forget how brave and gentle JJ was and how dedicated his owners were to giving him a new and happy life from the horrible start he had been given.

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