Recommend a Friend Scheme 2013

by admin on January 4th, 2013

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Recommend a Friend or Relative and receive 10% off*

Here at Petcare we appreciate that our best form of advertising comes from loyal pet owners who love what we do and the care their pets receive from us.

In recognition of this we continue to reward owners who reommend another pet owner to come and visit us.

This is how it works…..

*As a valued pet owner, if you recommend a friend or relative to us, you will both receive 10%off your next consultation or vaccination.

Simply complete your details on the recommend a friend cards found in our reception, and pass to your friends – when they book their first visit and present their card at reception, they’ll receive their discount and as a token of our appreciation, you’ll receive a discount on your nest visit or vaccination.

We’d love you to spread the word…….Remember there’s no limit on the number of friends you can recommend!

With Sincere thanks,

The PetCare Veterinary Clinic Health Care Team.


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Bella’s Story….

by admin on January 4th, 2013

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Poor young Bella the cocker spaniel came into the surgery in October 2012 after sustaining an injury to her front leg. She came in very lame and although it wasn’t obvious how she’d sustained the injury, being a bouncy puppy, it was likely that had done it whilst playing! Mr Smith suspected Bella had fractured her radius and ulna, but would need to x-ray the leg to be sure. She was admitted for sedation and radiographs.

Unsurprisingly, the x-rays showed that Bella had fractured her radius and ulna. It was decided to treat the injury conservatively rather than with surgery by applying a splinted dressing to keep the leg supported and to allow the bones to heal correctly. Being only a young puppy, there was a risk that her growth plates in her leg could be damaged. Only further radiographs would reveal this.

3 days later, Bella came back to have repeat x-rays so Mr Smith could see how she was progressing. Thankfully, they showed that she was already forming a callous around the bone which meant it was beginning to mend. Over the next few days, the callous continued to form and her dressings were replaced several times.

Midway through the month, despite the fracture appealing to heal and Bella being such a brave girl, she began developing an ulcer over her elbow where the dressing was rubbing. However, she was not at a point where her leg could be left unsupported yet. Her owner was dispensed antibiotic tablets to give to Bella and some antiseptic gel to apply to the ulcerated area to encourage healing.

A week later, Bella was re-examined again. Being such a co-operative puppy, the staff were able to redress her leg without having to sedate her. Mr Smith decided they were now at a point where he could use a shorter splint for support so it wasn’t rubbing against her sore elbow.

After a few more dressing changes it was time for Bella to have, what would hopefully be, her last x-ray. Everyone was delighted when they showed that her leg had healed very well and she could finally be dressing-free! She has continued to recover very well at home with her owners.

We wish lovely Bella and her owners good health and the best of luck for the future!

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