Rosie’s Story…….

by admin on December 7th, 2012

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Rosie the domestic shorthair cat was brought to us after her owner became concerned that her mouth was causing her discomfort. Being a rescue cat, it was likely that she had not been vaccinated as a kitten and this leaves cats vulnerable to certain viruses. Calicivirus commonly presents as ulcers and lesions in the mouth as well as inflamed gums. It tends to flare up during times of stress.

Poor Rosie’s mouth was extremely sore and ulcerated. Unsurprisingly, she was unwilling to eat as her mouth was too painful. She had lost weight and was becoming dehydrated.

Mr Smith admitted her to take blood samples and put her on intravenous fluids. Her bloods were sent away for analysis to rule out any more serious feline viruses such as Feline Infectious Peritonitis.

Rosie was very anxious every time she was approached and, despite being offered warm sloppy food, was too nervous to eat. The day after she was admitted, she seemed slightly brighter and had eaten a tiny bit overnight when it was quiet; as many cats do. Her hydration levels were improving but still not normal and, despite eating a small amount, it was important that she ate more for her body to regain its strength and fight the virus.

The nurses began syringe feeding convalescent food throughout the course of the day. She certainly seemed to like this as she practically chewed the end off the syringe! This seemed to kick start her appetite and she ate a whole dish of tuna overnight. As she was now adequately hydrated, it was decided that Rosie would be happier at home in familiar surroundings.

Very soon after Rosie returned home, she regained her appetite completely and was eating normally again. This was a great relief for her worried owners and us! Her blood results came back as negative for all other feline viruses.

She has continued to recover well and we wish her and her owners good luck and health for the future!




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