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by admin on January 16th, 2012

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Dino the Flatcoated Retriever will always remain special to everyone here at PetCare. Despite having to see us regularly in his last few months, he continued to be a happy and loving dog and was always pleased to see us all!


Dino came in to see Mr Smith back in April 2011after he began experiencing lameness in his back leg. On examination, there was obvious swelling around his stifle and femur. He was prescribed anti-inflammatories for any discomfort but, as Flatcoated Retrievers have a tendency to develop tumours, it was decided to admit Dino late that week to take some x-rays and biopsies of the swelling on his hind leg.


The x-rays, thankfully, didn’t show any cancerous changes in his chest, spine or legs. Mr Smith took four fine need samples from the lumps on Dino’s leg and sent them to our commercial laboratory for analysis. The results came back as chronic inflammation, but there was a question as to the nature of the surrounding cells, as they had come back inconclusive.


However, being the breed Dino was, it was highly likely that they were of a malignant cancerous nature.


Dino was kept on anti-inflammatories to keep him comfortable but, after a few months, this wasn’t enough and it was decided that Dino would either need to be put to sleep or to have surgery and amputate the affected leg.


Dino’s family weren’t ready to part with him yet and felt that his sore leg was the only thing preventing him from being a happy dog, so the decision was made that he would have surgery on his hind leg.


The next day, Dino was admitted to the surgery. He had bloods taken, which were all normal, and was put on a drip to keep him stable throughout his operation. Mr Smith began the procedure and went about the long process of removing his back leg. It took over an hour, but Dino was fine throughout his anaesthetic and came round well in recovery.


Not long after he was awake, strong Dino was all set to eat a bowl of recovery diet! He was even quick to adapt to his new three-legged posture and was more than happy to wander outside for a quick stroll.


By the next morning, Dino was well enough to go home with some antibiotics and anti-inflammatories.


Dino continued to recover well at home and was clearly much happier without his poorly leg. Despite some post-operative complications, he continued to face life with his usual happy and determined spirit!


By August 2011 however, Dino had unfortunately developed a small mass on the left side of his chest. Although it wasn’t bothering him, after everything he’d been through it was obviously a concern. Mr Smith took a fine needle biopsy to send for analysis. To everyone’s disappointment, the results came back as a sarcoma – a malignant type of tumour. Dino’s family decided to keep him comfortable until his quality of life began to deteriorate.


He was re-examined a week later and had developed blood in his urine. The lump on his chest was growing and Mr Smith suspected that the blood in his urine could be coming from his kidneys and, therefore, an indication that Dino was developing more lumps internally. It was decided, as he was rapidly deteriorating, that the time had come to let Dino go.


It was a sad time for both his family and all the staff here at PetCare as we had all grown increasingly fond of Dino during his many visits to see us but everyone knew it was the right decision.

We wish Dino’s family good luck and health for the future!


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