Otto’s Story….

by admin on July 11th, 2011

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Otto the Miniature Schnauzer came to see us as an emergency last month when his owners became increasingly worried about him…

He was vomiting and drinking excessive amounts of water. When examined by Mr Smith, he was clearly uncomfortable and tense around his abdomen and resented having it touched. As he was in so much pain, he was admitted to the surgery and was put on a drip to treat any dehydration. He had some blood taken and this showed that his lipase levels were higher than normal, which can be an indication of pancreatitis. All his other blood parameters were within normal ranges so it was decided to keep him on his drip overnight and to give him injections of antibiotic, painkiller and anti-emetic to make him more comfortable.

The following day, the staff were hoping that Otto was improving but, unfortunately, he still seemed uncomfortable. Mr Smith decided to sedate him and take some x-rays to see if there were any obvious internal reasons for his discomfort. The radiographs showed a clear foreign body in the region of Otto’s stomach that possibly looked like a stone! The only way to remove it was by performing an exploratory operation and so, with Otto’s owners’ consent, he was anaesthetised and taken into theatre.

 Mr Smith made an incision in Otto’s abdomen and located the foreign body. It was, as suspected, a stone and was lodged at the start of the jejunum – the middle section of the small intestines – which is a tricky and rather risky place to try and cut in to. He decided to guide the stone back down the small intestines and into the stomach, making it much safer to remove, as the stomach wall is efficient at healing itself. Once removed, Mr Smith made sure there was not any other stones or unwanted objects in the intestines and stomach and then began stitching Otto up again!

Poor Otto made a slow recovery as he experienced a small amount of reflux from the acid in his stomach. This was unpleasant for him, but not altogether unexpected due to the location of the stone. He continued to have some nasal discharge and snorting over the next few days, but was still bright in himself and wasn’t deterred from polishing off a whole bowl of food the next day. It was decided he was well enough to go home and Mr Smith asked his owners to bring him back in a couple of day’s time to see how he was recovering.

When he came back in, everyone was very relieved to see that he was doing so well. His wound was healing fine and he was eating well at home. He continued to make a good recovery and had his stitches removed a couple of weeks ago!

We wish Otto and his family the best of health and good luck for the future.

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