Frennie’s Story…

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Frennie's Story

Frennie the female Boxer has proved to be a fighter despite all the odds that have been against her. She continually keeps her owner and Mr Smith amazed with her ability to bounce back from serious ailments. Her most recent troubles started back in June last year….

 Frennie came to see Mr Smith for a consultation when she began to gain weight but lose general muscle condition. On examination, he found that her abdomen was slightly enlarged. However, as she didn’t have any other clinical symptoms to support this it was decided to re-examine Frennie in a fortnight’s time to see if it had changed at all. Two weeks later, it had definitely grown in size and she was also drinking and urinating more than normal. Mr Smith took a blood sample and referred Frennie for an abdominal ultrasound at Grove Lodge.

The ultrasound results were suggestive of an enlarged spleen and her blood results showed Frennie was suffering from anaemia – a common sign of blood loss. It was decided that her best chance would be to remove her spleen as it was only going to become more of a problem if left. Frennie had the operation at Grove Lodge, as she needed a blood transfusion to replace the amount she had lost. Remarkably, tough little Frennie came through the surgery well and was looking good when she came to see Mr Smith for a post-operative consultation. A section of her spleen that had been sent for histology came back as benign, so it was very likely that the full excision of it had prevented any lumps from appearing elsewhere.

Frennie continued to recover well from her operation, but was still drinking excessively. Mr Smith took a urine sample and decided that it was too dilute to suggest renal disease but that she could be suffering from a condition called Cushing’s disease. However, blood samples came back as negative on this so she was treated with antibiotics to rule out cystitis as the cause of her thirst.

As time went on, Frennie’s thirst didn’t improve. It was becoming a very frustrating problem as this meant Frennie was wetting her bed at night because her bladder was so full. After more urine and blood samples were sent off to our commercial laboratory, they suggested that she might have diabetes insipidus. The treatment for this was a special kind of eye drop called desmopressin.

On top of all this, poor Frennie was becoming lethargic and more blood tests revealed she was hypothyroid – a condition where the body doesn’t produce enough thyroid hormones. She had to start tablets to manage this and was to be closely monitored.

By early this year, although Frennie’s hypothyroidism was under control, her urine was becoming very high in protein. She was referred back to Grove Lodge for an ultrasound scan of her kidneys. The initial results suggested that she had chronic renal disease and this was mostly likely to be the cause of her thirst. However, as she seemed to be so well in every other respect, Mrs Cornock agreed with Mr Smith that treatment wasn’t necessary at this point.

Despite all Frennie’s problems, she is continuing to enjoy life with her two labrador pals, Bobbie and Rossie!

We wish her and her owner good health and the best of luck for the future.



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