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by admin on August 17th, 2010

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From 1st September

In association with Fitzalan House Veterinary Practice in Littlehampton we are now able to offer additional non-routine consultations by appointment during the following hours:

Saturday 1.30pm – 6.00pm

Sunday 10.00am – 4.00pm

These consultations are by appointment only and are available at:

Fitzalan House Veterinary Practice, Fitzalan Road, Littlehampton.

We will continue to operate normal Saturday morning consultations at:

PetCare Veterinary Clinic

for appointments between 9.30am and 11.30am.

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Misty’s Story…..

by admin on August 12th, 2010

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Misty's StoryMisty the one-year-old male British Shorthair cat had his owner very worried recently when an ongoing problem with his leg proved to be much more than just a minor ailment…

 Misty started experiencing lameness on his front leg back in March 2010. There wasn’t an obvious cause for his discomfort, and despite being prescribed some anti-inflammatory painkillers, the problem kept reoccurring.

The next step was to take some x-rays to see if they could shed some light on why this young cat was limping. He had several pictures taken of his front and back legs and they were referred to an orthopaedic specialist for analysis. Despite a slight fragmentation of his left shoulder, the x-rays were surprisingly normal. The specialist recommended that the x-rays should be repeated in a fortnight’s time if Misty was no better.

 Misty didn’t seem to be in any more discomfort after this, but two months later he still didn’t have normal range of function in his left shoulder. It was decided that the x-rays should be repeated as suggested by the specialist to see if there were any noticeable changes.

Unfortunately, the x-rays showed that there were some changes, and they were concerning. There was a lesion on the left shoulder, which indicated that there could be some cancerous activity causing the problem. Because Misty was also showing the neurological signs of not being able to place his feet properly, this seemed like the most likely diagnosis. The specialists recommended that amputation of the leg was the safest option to prevent the cancer from spreading.

 This was a big shock for Misty’s owner, but knowing it was the best thing for him, the operation was arranged.

His surgery took place a couple of days later. The front leg was removed from the shoulder to make sure that the cancerous section wasn’t left behind and a biopsy was sent off to our commercial laboratory to find out what kind of cancerous cells it contained. The operation took about an hour and a half in total, but Misty came through it brilliantly.

 Misty stayed at the surgery overnight so that Mr Smith and the nursing staff could keep an eye on him while he recovered. He had a comfortable night and was even feeling well enough to eat breakfast the following morning! All the staff were delighted to see this and were amazed as Misty continued to make steady progress throughout the day.

 Misty was well enough to go home that afternoon and his owner, Mr McGregor, was more than happy to have him home! He has continued to recover well from his surgery and certainly hasn’t let the fact that he only has three legs slow him down!

 We wish him and his owner good health and the best of luck for the future.

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Congratulations to Laura on achieving her Nursing Qualification

by admin on August 5th, 2010

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Laura Matthews QVNWe would all like to congratulate Laura on achieving her Veterinary Nursing Qualification.  Laura joined the practice in 2003 as our student veterinary nurse and has progressed to become our Senior Qualified Veterinary Nurse. Laura has shown great commitment and dedication throughout her studying years and we are all very proud that she has achieved her qualification.  Although now qualified , Laura will continue to  develope her knowledge and skills through study and specialist courses.

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cue kittenRegular worming is advised to ensure protection from parasitic worms, which infect nearly all cats and dogs at some time in their lives; they can damage your pets’ health and worse still your family’s.

By worming at least every three months you’ll help maintain health and help reduce the number of worm eggs shed in the environment.

Please contact the surgery to collect your pets’ next dose and receive another dose FREE OF CHARGE.


 PetSmile Month is SEPTEMBER – keep a look out for special promotions throughout September.

The PetSmile Campaign aims to raise awareness of the importance of looking after your pets’ teeth.

We will be offering your pet FREE DENTAL CHECKS with our qualified veterinary nurses. They will be offering advise and guidance on how to maintain your pet’s dental health.

Please call the surgery on 01903 782387 to ask for further details.

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