Sadie’s Story…..

by admin on May 6th, 2010

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Sadie the thirteen-year-old toy poodle has proved herself to be a strong little dog over the past few months after undergoing two operations here at PetCare and making remarkable recoveries after both.

She was seen as an Out-Of-Hours appointment back in November after one of the lumps she had on her tummy ruptured and was causing her discomfort. She was initially treated with antibiotics and her owners advised to keep the ruptured mass clean using an antiseptic wash and applying a medicated cream afterwards. This worked for a while, but it soon became clear that a more long-term solution was needed. Sadie was booked in for surgery to remove a large section of mammary tissue, which her owners were aware carried a significant risk due to her age and a
pre-existing heart murmur.

Sadie came in for the surgery a few days later and, amazingly, came through the operation well. The whole procedure lasted about forty minutes and a drain was inserted into the wound to prevent fluid building up under her sutures. She was well enough to go home later that day with some antibiotic and anti-inflammatory tablets. Her owners were advised that she’d need some nursing at home to keep her wounds clean.

Soon after recovering from her lump removals, it was clear that Sadie had another problem – she was having trouble with her back legs. On examination, it soon became clear that she’d ruptured her cruciate ligament in her left hind leg. Again, the only long-term solution was surgery but another anaesthetic was not ideal for poor little Sadie. However, as her condition continued to deteriorate, Mr Smith decided that surgery to repair her cruciate was probably her best option.

The procedure lasted about an hour, and the ruptured portion of Sadie’s cruciate was removed and stabilised. Again, remarkably, Sadie came through her anaesthetic and was ready to go home later that afternoon.

She has since continued to thrive and, despite a few ups and downs along the way, has come back fighting as always! Everyone at PetCare wishes Sadie and her owners good luck and health for the future.

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